2014 Boat Parade and Ring of Lights Winners

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Sweepstakes - Best Overall
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fabrizio
1407 Bayside Dr., Corona del Mar

Lights and Animation: 1st Place
Robert and Christyne Olson
351 E. Bayfront, Balboa Island

Lights and Animation: 2nd Place
Jim and Vicki Warmington
328 Buena Vista Blvd., Balboa Peninsula

Best Theme
Bill and Gay Wassall-Kelly
409 E. Edgewater, Balboa Peninsula

Chairman's Choice
Barry and Karen Meguiar
201 N. Bayfront, Balboa Island

Best Traditional Lights
John and Essie Bootsma
128 Via Lido Nord, Lido Isle

"Green" Entry Award
Scott and Shawn Cunningham
One Beacon Bay, Newport Beach

Photographer's Choice
Dave McIntyre – SASCO
101 Via Lido Soud, Lido Isle

Humor and Orginality
Marcy Cook
538 S. Bay Front, Balboa Island

Rookie Award
Robert “RC” and Beverly Cohen
2686 Bayshore Dr. (Duke's Point)

Best on Lido
Ken and Tracy Hurd
832 Via Lido Nord, Lido Island

Founder's Award
Phil and Mary Lyons
36 Harbor Island, Harbor Island

Daily Pilot Award
Dennis and Patty Vitarelli
140 S. Bayfront, Balboa Island

Best Yacht Club
Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club (BCYC)
1601 Bayside Drive, Corona del Mar

Hi Tech Christmas Charm
Jim and Peggy Rich
802 S. Bayfront, Balboa Island

Best on Peninsula
Bob and Carol Senour
1000 E. Balboa Blvd., Balboa Peninsula

Judge's Award - 1st Place
Donna Dibari
710 South Bayfront, Balboa Island

Judge's Award - 2nd Place
Shirley Pepys
526 South Bayfront, Balboa Island

El Navegante (#73)
SASCO- Joe Achten

Non-Commercial Sweepstakes
Two Are Better Than One (#75)
Kyle Miller

Best Powerboat
The Last Hurrah (#43)
Rob and Elizabeth Meadows - (Morrow-Meadows)


The Hippocampus (#1)
The Vogler / Flynn Family

Best Lights
1st Place

My Bebek (#17)
Arman and Daron Muratyan

Best Lights
2nd Place

Alure (#55)
Lance and Gary Charlesworth

Best Lights
3rd Place

Shannon Rose (#62)
Shaun and Shannon Keating

Best Humor / Originality
1st Place

Paradise Found (#38)
Greg Killingsworth

Best Humor / originality
2nd PLace

The Rose Maria (#3)
Ron and Rose Cram

Best Humor / Originality
3rd Place

Amazing Grace (#14)
Ed Koll

Best animation/special effects
1st place

D25 (#25)
Peter Barbour

Best Animation/special effects
2nd place

Traveler (#18)
Michael Lawler

Best animation / special effects
3rd place

Muller Time (#19)
Jon and Lauren Muller

Best Boat
under 30'

Anchor of Hope (#72)
Christopher Domino

Best first Time Entry
Shannon Rose (#62)
Shaun and Shannon Keating

Best Yacht Club Entry
The Hippocampus
The Vogler / Flynn Family

Yacht Club with the Most Entries
Balboa Yacht Club